Technical Service
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Technical Service

SSTK proudly provides global customers with full-life cycle services including technical support, spare parts support, training, etc.

Technical Support?
SSTK provides technical support regarding application, technical and service issues to customers and distributors via phone, mail, or by any means during the entire life cycle of instruments and kit.

Spare Parts
Support the customers having enough spare parts inventories for all products for at least 5 years after delivering the instruments, and very fast responses to spare parts request from customers.

Training Courses
SSTK and its subsidiaries provide different kinds of trainings to customers, distributors and service partners including operation, marketing, application, maintenance and troubleshooting, etc.

Field Service
SSTK service engineers provide installation, preventive maintenance, breakdown repair and other field services based on contract.

*Field service may be provided by authorized SSTK service providers. Please ask for on-site service from distributors.