Western blot analyzer
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Western blot analyzer
Western blot analyzer

Expected usage

The Western blot analyzer is an automated regimen, incubation device for clinical testing or experimental studies of immunoblotting membranes


The device is used in conjunction with a protein-detected immunoblotting membrane, which can detect up to three prints at a single run. During the detection process, the reagent was dispensed through seven peristaltic pumps, and then the incubation and washing steps were completed by means of the gentle swing of the shaker and the incubation of the heating film. The waste in the test tank was passed through the suction way to the waste bottle.


The analyzer consists of control panel, monitor, rocking bed, squirming pump, liquid channel, supporting reagent bottle and tray.

7-inch capacitive touch screen real-time display device status and experimental status, users can set and save freely, including reaction time, temperature, speed, liquid channel and other experimental procedures.

Reaction zone incubator box can be disassemble freely, the user can freely with three small and medium size of the incubator box.

Liquid channel is completely isolated, no cross-contamination between different reagent, to ensure the results.

Built-in calibration procedures to ensure equipment stability.

The device uses a closed experimental environment that protects the operator from the threat of potential infectious clinical samples, dispense with on duty, and the end of the test will automatically beep.